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Cuisine: Italian
Food Type: Vegan
No of Portions: 4
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Ingredients & Prep

   1000 g  Potatoes peeled cut in 2 cm cubes
   12 Garlic cloves
   25 g  Fresh rosemary chopped finely
   200 ml  Olive oil for shallow frying
   to taste  Salt sea
   to taste  Black Pepper freshly ground


  Step 1
Place potato cubes in to boiling salted water of about 10 min or until just soft, drain in a colander & allow to go cold.
  Step 2
Prepare garlic cloves by removing any loose skin, then with a knife slice the heal off (the bit that joins to the root).
  Step 3
Heat a frying pan or wok on a med heat, add a good glug of olive oil, add potatoes cubes, fry & stir carefully for 5 min, add garlic cloves & rosemary & continue frying & stirring until potatoes are golden brown.
  Step 4
Remove potato mixture with a slotted spoon on the kitchen paper, then transfer to a serving dish & season.

Suggestion & Tips

Great with all meats, Duck & Fish etc.
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