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Recipe By Munch Master

Ref: 638
Heading: Side Dishes
Cuisine: Middle Eastern/Turkish
Food Type: Vegan
No of Portions: 6
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Ingredients & Prep

   450 g  Dry Chickpeas weight (to be soaked 24 hours)
   1 Onion finely chopped
   20 g  Fresh parsley chopped
   2 tbsp  Gram (chickpea) flour
   1 tbsp  Tomato puree
   1 tbsp  Garlic powder or granules
   2 tsp  Cumin seeds roasted & ground
   2 tsp  Salt
   2 tsp  Caster sugar
   1 tsp  Ground coriander
   1 tsp  Chilli powder
   1 tsp  Baking powder
   1 tsp  Bicarbonate of soda
   1 tsp  Ground black pepper
   1 pinch  Ground cardamom
   deep fat fry  Veg or rapeseed oil


  Step 1
Place chickpeas into a bowl, add bicarbonate of soda, then cover with cold water at least 5 cm above the chickpeas & leave for 24 hours in the fridge, if chickpeas become beached then add some more water to cover.
  Step 2
Drain all the water off the chickpeas & tip into a food processor with onion, gram flour, tomato puree, garlic powder/granules, sugar, cumin, salt, coriander, chilli powder, black pepper baking powder & cardamom, pulse to processor a few times to get a course paste, scrape in the sides each time, the consistency should be like couscous , alternatively you can use a potato masher first before mixing in the flavour ingredients.
  Step 3
When done make large walnut sized balls for deep fat frying or into patties for shallow frying, fry on a med heat for 3 mins per side or until crispy.

Suggestion & Tips

You can add other flavours if you wish like fresh coriander or chilli etc.
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