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Recipe By Jaxters

Ref: 882
Heading: Side Dishes
Cuisine: British & Irish
Food Type: Vegetarian
No of Portions: 4
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Ingredients & Prep

   450 g  Courgettes coarsely grated
   4 Spring onions finely chopped
   175 g  Cheddar cheese grated
   100 g  Flour
   2 Eggs med beaten
   20 g  Fresh parsley chopped
   10 g  Fresh mint chopped
   1 tsp  Sweet paprika
   1/2 tsp  Salt
   1/2 tsp  Freshly ground black pepper
   3 tbsp  Olive Oil


  Step 1
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
  Step 2
Form mixture into patties & dust with some extra flour.
  Step 3
Heat a frying pan on a med heat, add oil & fry patties in batches until golden brown on both sides, keep pre-cooked one in a warm oven.

Suggestion & Tips

Nice with lime wedges.
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