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Recipe By Jaxters

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Heading: Puddings
Cuisine: Italian
Food Type: Vegan
No of Portions: 6
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Ingredients & Prep

   320 g  Self-raising flour
   250 ml  Water
   180 g  Golden caster sugar
   150 ml  Rapeseed oil
   1 tbsp  Cider vinegar
   2 tsp  Baking powder
   1 tsp  Bicarbonate of soda
   2 tsp  Vanilla paste or extract
   1/2 tsp  Salt
  Cream Filling
   250 g  Cashew butter
   250 g  Coconut cream (solid)
   120 g  Coconut oil
   100 g  Golden caster sugar
   80 ml  Almond milk
   2 tsp  Vanilla paste or extract
  Soaking Liquor
   300 ml  Hot water
   3 tbsp  Instant expresso powder
   120 ml  Coffee liqueur like Tia Maria
   sprinkle  Vegan chocolate grated


  Step 1
First make the cake - Pre-heat oven to 180°C fan, & line a cake baking tray 24cm by 34cm with greaseproof paper.
  Step 2
Add all the dry ingredients into a bowl & mix, place all the wet ingredients into another bowl & whisk together with a food mixer or hand electric mixer, when combined pour wet into the dry & fold in with a silicon spatula.
  Step 3
Pour batter into baking tray & bake for about 20 minutes until golden brown on top, remove & allow to go cold on a rack, when cold cut into 2cm fingers, turn down oven to 120°C put fingers on a baking tray & bake for 30 minutes, take out & set aside.
  Step 4
Cream filling - place all the ingredients into a food processor or use hand electric mixer & whip all together.
  Step 5
Soaking liquor - Put coffee powder into a bowl with hot water & mix until dissolved then mix in coffee liquor & allow to go cold.
  Step 6
Assembly - Ready a serving dish, then quickly dunk each cake finger into the cold liquor just in & out, then place a layer on the bottom of the dish half the fingers, then pour in & spread out half of the cream filling, repeat process with fingers on top then the rest of the cream filling on top.
  Step 7
Finely grate dark chocolate over the top, put in the fridge for at least 4 hours to chill & marinade.

Suggestion & Tips

If you like an Almond flavour then use amaretto liqueur instead of coffee liqueur. Or no alcohol.
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