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Cuisine: American
Food Type: Vegan
No of Portions: 8
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Ingredients & Prep

   200 g  plain flour
   90 g  vegan butter or cold coconut oil chopped
   100 ml  aquafaba cold (chickpea can water)
   20 g  icing sugar
   1 pinch  salt
   550 g  pumpkin puree tinned
   80 ml  almond milk unsweetened
   60 ml  maple syrup
   55 g  brown sugar
   15 g  arrowroot powder
   15 g  coconut oil melted
   1/4 tsp  nutmeg ground
   1/4 tsp  cinnamon ground
   1/4 tsp  ginger ground
   1 pinch  clove ground
   2 pinch  salt


  Step 1
Pre-heat oven to 170'c.
  Step 2
In a bowl place flour & vegan butter/cold coconut oil, salt & icing sugar, rub together with your finger tips until you have a breadcrumb consistency, then add aquafaba half to start then keep adding until you combine into a pastry, make a ball wrap in cling film squash into a disc 2 cm thick & put in the fridge for an hour.
  Step 3
On a floured worktop roll out pastry to 2mm thick (£1 coin), for a 6 portion quantity use an 18 cm round loose bottom tart/flan tin greased with butter, line the tin with the pastry, cut off excess from around the edge.
  Step 4
Place a piece of very heavily scrunched up piece of greaseproof paper in & up the sides then fill with dry rice into the tin & push the rice up around the sides to the top to hold while blind baking, place in the oven for 10 mins, remove rice & paper & cook for another 5 mins then allow to cool.
  Step 5
Now make the filling by adding the ingredients into a food processor or a blender, once all combined pour filling into the pie case & bake for 60 mins or until light golden brown with a slight wobble in the middle.
  Step 6
Allow to cool then place in the fridge to chill.

Suggestion & Tips

Nice with whipped coconut cream.
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