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Cuisine: British & Irish
Food Type: Vegetarian
No of Portions: 8
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Ingredients & Prep

   500 ml  double cream
   150 ml  whole milk
   250 g  condensed milk sweet
   30 g  caster sugar
   3 tbsp  coffee instant espresso type
   50 ml  coffee liqueur
   1 vanilla pod or paste 1 tsp per pod
   4 eggs large yolk only


  Step 1
Place milk, cream, instant coffee, condensed milk & sugar in a saucepan, cut vanilla pod length ways & scrape out seeds on both sides, all to the pan cut up empty pod into sticks & add as well or use vanilla paste extract, NOT essence.
  Step 2
Place yolk into a bowl large enough to hold the cream/milk later.
  Step 3
Heat the milk/cream mixture stirring all the time to stop it catching on the bottom, use a thermometer & when it reaches 76'c turn off the heat then pour a little into the yolk & whisk hard, repeat a little at a time until you have used about half the hot milk/cream mixture, then pour the rest in & whisk, sieve the hot ice cream back into the saucepan to remove all the bits, cover & allow to cool , then put in the fridge to go cold, add coffee liqueur.
  Step 4
Pour cold ice cream mixture into an ice cream maker & churn until stiff, spoon into a plastic lidded container & freeze for a few hour before serving.

Suggestion & Tips

When mixing in coffee you can test taste as you go by adjusting the amount to your taste.
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