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Recipe By Jaxters

Ref: 824
Heading: Mains
Cuisine: Japanese
Food Type: Seafood
No of Portions: 4
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Ingredients & Prep

   400 g  Salmon fillet cut into pieces
   400 g  Raw prawns de-shelled
   8 Long skewers
  Teriyaki Sauce
   3 tbsp  Dark soy sauce
   3 tbsp  Mirin
   3 tbsp  Sake
   1 tbsp  Caster sugar
   1 tsp  Garlic paste
   1 tsp  Fresh ginger paste


  Step 1
Place all the Teriyaki sauce ingredients in a saucepan, bring to a fast simmer & cook for 5 minutes until it reduces a little, set a side to cool.
  Step 2
Place salmon & prawns either in a bowl or a plastic bag, then pour in Teriyaki sauce, then leave in the fridge for 30 minutes to marinate.
  Step 3
Pre heat either a grill on high or a griddle plate on med high.
  Step 4
Reserve the marinade & re heat in the saucepan, simmer for a few minutes to thicken.
  Step 5
Skewer prawns & salmon equally on each one, then cook on one side for 3 to 4 mins then the other until just cooked then serve & pour on a little of the sauce.

Suggestion & Tips

Serve with rice or noodles & or some Japanese stir fried veg.
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