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Heading: Mains
Cuisine: Middle Eastern/Turkish
Food Type: Vegetarian
No of Portions: 4
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Ingredients & Prep

   4 Egg large free range for poaching
   150 g  Greek yogurt
   50 g  Tahini
   20 g  Harissa paste
   1/2 tsp  Salt
  For the Cakes
   500 g  Sweet potato peeled & grated
   200 g  Flour
   30 g  Fresh parsley chopped
   30 g  Harissa paste
   4 Egg whites only
   1 tbsp  Onion granules
   1 tsp  Black pepper freshly ground
   1/2 tsp  Salt
   2 tbsp  Olive oil shallow frying
   sprinkle  Micro herbs of choice or chopped fresh coriander
   sprinkle  Olive oil


  Step 1
Mix all the dressing ingredients in a bowl & set aside.
  Step 2
Place grated sweet potato in the middle of a clean tea towel, gather the sides of the towel & twist over the sink to remover any excess water, then place in a bowl & add flour, parsley, Harissa, egg white, onion granules' salt & black pepper & mix well with by hand, mixture should be quite sticky.
  Step 3
Heat an oven to 100'c to keep potato warm as you may need to fry them in batches.
  Step 4
Form & divide potato cakes 2 per portion, about 100g each, place oil in a frying pan on a low to med heat & fry cakes for 3 to 4 mins or until brown & crispy, fry in batches & keep cakes warm on a baking tray in the oven.
  Step 5
Poach eggs in a pan of boiling water for no more the 4 mins as they need to be runny, or use a egg poaching pan (a lot easier).
  Step 6
Plate dish by placing a dollop of the dressing on the plate, place cake on top, 2 per plate, you can stack if you wish sandwiched with a dollop of dressing, add some more dressing over the top & garnish.

Suggestion & Tips

You could use normal potato but will need to cook longer, or you could use Indian spices instead of harissa.
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