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Recipe By Munch Master

Ref: 654
Heading: Mains
Cuisine: Middle Eastern/Turkish
Food Type: Meat
No of Portions: 4
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Ingredients & Prep

   600 g  Chicken cut into bite sized chunks
   150 g  Spinach
   1 Onion med sliced
   2 Garlic clove chopped
   4 Filo pastry sheets in 30cm squares
   20 g  Fresh coriander chopped
   1 tbsp  Mango chutney
   2 tsp  Nigella seeds
   1 tsp  Ground cumin
   1 tsp  Ground coriander
   1 tsp  Chilli powder
   1/2 tsp  Ground turmeric
   1/2 tsp  Salt
   1/2 tsp  Ground black pepper
   brushing  Butter salted melted
   2 tbsp  Veg or rapeseed oil


  Step 1
Heat a frying pan on a med heat, add oil then add chicken, onion & garlic, then stir fry for 6 mins until chicken is cooked.
  Step 2
Next add nigella seeds, cumin, coriander, chilli powder, turmeric, salt & pepper, mix in, then add chutney stir in then add fresh coriander & the spinach, take off the heat & stir in to wilt the spinach with the chicken mixture, there should be enough liquid from the spinach to moisten the pie filling, now set aside to cool.
  Step 3
Preheat oven to 180'c fan.
  Step 4
To make the pie, a round metal cake tin is best for this, a springform even better, grease it with melted butter with a pastry brush, then lay a 1st sheet of Filo pastry in the tin, turn tin 90' & lay 2nd sheet on top, turn tin another 90' & lay the next one & the same for the last sheet so all sheets are at equal angle.
  Step 5
Pour cooled pie filling in the tin & smooth out, then fold excess pastry sheets into to the middle to form the top of the pie, then brush the top with melted butter using a pastry brush.
  Step 6
Bake in the oven for 15 to 20 mins or until the Filo pastry is a nice golden brown.

Suggestion & Tips

Very nice with fries & salad.
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