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Heading: Mains
Cuisine: Italian
Food Type: Meat
No of Portions: 4
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Ingredients & Prep

   250 g  Beef mince
   250 g  Pork mince
   1 Onion large grated or finely chopped
   125 g  Fresh breadcrumbs
   1 Egg
   1 tbsp  Fennel seeds crushed
   1 tsp  Dried oregano
   3 tbsp  Olive oil for frying
   1 Beef stock cube
   1/2 tsp  Freshly ground black pepper
  Tomato Sauce
   600 ml  Tomato passata
   400 g  Tomatoes chopped tinned
   4 Garlic cloves finely chopped
   2 Bay leave
   2 tbsp  Tomato puree
   1 tbsp  Brown sugar
   1 tsp  Red wine vinegar
   1 tsp  Salt
   1 tsp  Freshly ground black pepper
   250 g  Buffalo mozzarella finely chopped or grated
   100 g  Mascarpone cheese
   1/2 tsp  Salt
   sprinkle  Freshly ground black pepper


  Step 1
Place both minces in a bowl with breadcrumbs, onion, egg, fennel, oregano, pepper & crumble stock cube in & mix well.
  Step 2
Heat a frying pan on a med heat, make meat balls by rolling in your oiled hands to the size of a walnut add oil, then brown on all side in batches of 5 or so, when all done place balls in an oven proof dish & set aside.
  Step 3
To make the sauce, in the same frying pan add the garlic & fry until it starts to colour, then add the rest of the sauce ingredients, bring to the boil & simmer for 15mins stirring often.
  Step 4
Pre-heat fan oven to 180'c.
  Step 5
In a bowl add both cheeses & salt & mix together.
  Step 6
When sauce is done pour over the meat balls removing the bay leaves, then spoon over the cheeses mixture in dollops over the top.
  Step 7
Bake in the oven for 30 mins until all lovely & bubbly.

Suggestion & Tips

Have with pasta or salat & crusty bread.
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