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Heading: Mains
Cuisine: American
Food Type: Meat
No of Portions: 4
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Ingredients & Prep

   500 g  Beef mince 
   1/2 Red onion chopped finely or grate coarsely
   1 Beef stock cube
   2 tsp  Worcestershire sauce
   4 Brioche burger buns 
   1 tsp  Black pepper freshly ground
  Garnish 1
   2 tbsp  Red wine vinegar 
   2 tbsp  Caster sugar 
   1/2 Red onion very finely sliced
  Garnish 2
   2 Tomato vine sliced
   8 Emmental cheese slices
   2 Gherkins sliced
   8 Lettuce leaves shredded
  Burger Sauce
   60 g  Mayonnaise 
   1 tbsp  Gherkin very finely chopped
   1 tbsp  Tomato ketchup
   2 tsp  American mustard 
   1 tsp  Gherkin pickling liquid from jar
   1/2 tsp  Smoked paprika


  Step 1
Place burger sauce ingredients in a bowl & mix together.
  Step 2
Place mince, red onion, stock cube, Worcestershire sauce & black pepper in a bowl & mix well.
  Step 3
Make garnish 1, place vinegar & sugar in a bowl & mix well to dissolve, add onion & coat, leave aside to marinate.
  Step 4
Make garnish 2 prepare all ingredients, place in a bowl & cover with cling film until needed.
  Step 5
Pre heat oven to 200'c
  Step 6
Form mince into patties to the number of buns, fry in a hot frying pan with a little oil in batches for 2 min per side then place on a non stick baking sheet, when all are cooked place in the oven & bake for 5 to 10 mins depending how you like pink or well done.
  Step 7
Cut buns in half & toast.
  Step 8
To build the burger, dollop burger sauce on both sides of the bun, place 1 sheet of cheese on the bottom half, then cooked patties on top, place another sheet of cheese on top of the patties, place some pickled onion on, then the rest of you garnishes, place the top on & skewer in the middle with a satay stick, & serve.

Suggestion & Tips

Nice with spiced sweet potato fries
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