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Recipe By Dan

Ref: 1036
Heading: Mains
Cuisine: Indian
Food Type: Meat
No of Portions: 4
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Ingredients & Prep

   350 g  Chicken breast cubed
   Onion (Diced)
   Garlic clove (Diced)
   240 ml  Buttermilk
   65 ml  Plain yogurt
   4 tbsp  Curry powder
   handful  Corriander leaves
   1 Lime (Juiced)
   tbsp  Ground black pepper
   to taste  Salt
   15 g  Butter
   2 tsp  Cumin
   2 tbsp  Paprika
   2 tbsp  Chilli powder
   1 tbsp  Turmeric


  Step 1
Start by mixing buttermilk, yoghurt, curry powder, corriander, turmeric, cumin and lime juice in a bowl
  Step 2
Add the cubed chicken making sure all pieces are covered and leave to marinade for 1-3 hours
  Step 3
When ready, melt butter in a pan
  Step 4
Fry the onion and garlic till brownish
  Step 5
Add the buttermilk chicken to sauce pan, bring to boil.
  Step 6
Add black pepper and salt
  Step 7
Turn the heat to low-medium and allow to simmer for 30 minutes
  Step 8
Serve with basmati or pilau rice

Suggestion & Tips

Make sure that the buttermilk chicken is sealed tightly to allow marination to complete properly
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