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Recipe By Jaxters

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Heading: Jams & Pickles
Cuisine: European (other)
Food Type: Vegan
No of Portions: 6
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Ingredients & Prep

   700 g  Red cabbage finely sliced
   180 g  Carrot grated
   80 g  Beetroot raw grated
   1 tbsp  Fresh ginger finely grated or processed
   2 Garlic cloves finely grated
   1 tsp  Ground turmeric
   2 tsp  Fine sea salt
  Pickling Liquid
   240 ml  Pre-boiled luke warm still mineral water
   1 tsp  Fine sea salt


  Step 1
The most important point with Sauerkraut is cleanliness, everything must be sterile & non-metallic.
  Step 2
Place cabbage, carrot, beetroot, garlic & ginger in a bowl, mix salt with the turmeric in a small bowl, then sprinkle over veg, mix well then cover with cling film, place in the fridge for 30 mins take out stir then back in fridge, repeat 4 times.
  Step 3
Pickling liquid - In a jug mix warm bottled water NOT TAP WATER with the salt stir until dissolved.
  Step 4
Sterilise 2 x 500ml (6 portion recipe) kilner or mason or picking or3 jam jars, the best way is to put them in an oven @ 120°C for 10 mins then with clean hands or gloves pack the jars with the cabbage, add any water from the cabbage then top up to fill jars to the rim with pickling liquid.
  Step 5
For the fermentation- Stand filled jars on a tray then loosely fit the lids on jars to allow any liquid to escape, then place them in a cool dry place at 18 to 22°C for 12 to 14 days or until the bubbling stops, keep the jars topped up with pickling liquid as time goes by, the longer you leave the stronger the flavour so test eat to your taste.
  Step 6
When ready remove any harmless white mould spots off the top (if other colour discard) top up with pickling liquid & place lid/s on, wash jars with warm soppy water rinse & dry & place in the fridge, the should last for up to 3 months.

Suggestion & Tips

Great with Frankfurters or any sausages.
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