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Cuisine: American
Food Type: Cold – Non-Alcoholic
No of Portions: 2
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Ingredients & Prep

   600 ml  milk
   200 ml  cream
   160 g  condensed milk
   80 g  dark chocolate 70% chunks


  Step 1
Place milk, condensed & chocolate in a glass bowl or jug heat in the microwave for 1 to 3 mins depending on the quantity, for 2 servings 1 min on full powder, or heat in a saucepan to warm to touch, then leave for 2 mins.
  Step 2
Whisk the mixture, add cream & whisk in, to drink sooner place shake in the freezer or the fridge to chill.

Suggestion & Tips

This recipe is rich, you can dilute with more milk if you wish. Add vanilla ice cream to make a float.
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