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Recipe By Jaxters

Ref: 678
Heading: Canapes & Nibbles
Cuisine: Thai/Vietnamese
Food Type: Seafood
No of Portions: 16
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Ingredients & Prep

   300 g  Cooked white crab meat
   80 g  Panko breadcrumbs
   15 g  Fresh coriander chopped
   1 Med egg beaten
   3 Spring onions finely chopped
   1 tbsp  Fresh ginger grated
   1 tbsp  Thai fish sauce
   1 Fresh Kaffia lime leaf finely chopped
   1 Large mild red chilli finely chopped
   1 Lime juiced & zest
   16 Cocktail stick
   80 g  Panko breadcrumbs
   1 Med egg beaten
   deep fat fry  Veg or Groundnut oil
   g  Thai sweet chilli sauce
   sprinkle  Fresh coriander leaves


  Step 1
Pre-heat oil either in a deep fat fryer or 5cm deep in a saucepan to 160°C.
  Step 2
Place crab, breadcrumbs, coriander, egg, spring onion, chilli, ginger, fish sauce, Kaffia lime leave, lime zest & juice in a bowl & mix well.
  Step 3
Divide & roll mixture into balls the size of a small walnut, place egg & breadcrumbs into separate bowls, then coat each one first with egg then into the breadcrumbs & coat, when all done lower balls in batches in hot oil & fry until light golden brown, when removed place on kitchen paper to soak any excess oil
  Step 4
Place crab cake balls on a serving platter, poke a cocktail stick in each one, pour sweet chill sauce into a small bowl to dip crab cake balls into.

Suggestion & Tips

You can use mashed seafood sticks instead of crab.
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