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Recipe By Jaxters

Ref: 866
Heading: Bread & Baking
Cuisine: British & Irish
Food Type: Vegan
No of Portions: 12
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Ingredients & Prep

   250 g  Plain flour
   180 g  Margarine (dairy free)
   80 g  Golden caster sugar
   1 tbsp  Cornflour
   1/4 tsp  Salt


  Step 1
Pre-heat oven to 160°C fan.
  Step 2
In a bowl cream the sugar with the margarine using a electric hand whisk or food mixer, then add flours & salt, mix together by hand using your fingertips to get a bread crumb constancy.
  Step 3
Grease a non-stick shallow square/oblong baking tin & tip in mixture, spread out evenly then pat down flat or use a mini roller, sprinkle over some extra sugar, then bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until light golden brown around the edges.
  Step 4
Take out of the oven & while still hot & soft scour cut/break lines using a knife a few mm deep into the surface, then allow to go cold, use a pallet knife to lift out pre scoured pieces.

Suggestion & Tips

You can roll out pastry & cut into shapes with a pastry cutter.
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