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Recipe By Jaxters

Ref: 852
Heading: Bread & Baking
Cuisine: American
Food Type: Vegetarian
No of Portions: 12
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Ingredients & Prep

   First make the dough
   550 g  Strong white bread flour
   200 ml  Warm full fat milk 40°C
   2 Eggs large beaten
   90 g  Salted butter very soft
   50 g  Caster sugar
   7 g  Dry yeast
   1 tsp  Salt
   225 g  Muscovado sugar
   150 g  Pecan nuts
   130 g  Butter salted soft
   1/2 tsp  Ground nutmeg
   1/2 tsp  Ground cinnamon
   1/2 tsp  Ground ginger
  Icing Glaze
   120 g  Icing sugar
   40 g  Butter salted melted
   1 tbsp  Milk
   1 tsp  Vanilla extract
   1/4 tsp  Ground cinnamon


  Step 1
Add warm milk, sugar & yeast to a bowl then whisk until sugar has dissolved, then leave in a warm place for a hour to go frothy.
  Step 2
Next whisk in the butter & eggs then mix in the flour & salt, then knead this is best done in a food mixer with a dough hook for 10 minutes or by hand on a floured worktop until it springs back.
  Step 3
Put dough in a bowl & cover with clin film with a pierced hole, place in a warm place & allow to double in size i.e. about an hour.
  Step 4
Mix well all the dry coating ingredients apart from the butter in a bowl & have the melted butter in a separate bowl.
  Step 5
Pre-heat oven to 180°c fan.
  Step 6
Grease with butter a baking tin, it can be a large loaf tin or a Bundt/savarin ring mould.
  Step 7
Tip out dough onto a floured worktop & knead for 5 minutes to knock back, then take walnut sized pieces roll into a ball, then dip & coat in the melted butter then roll in the coating sugar then put in the tin, repeat until all the dough in used up.
  Step 8
Set aside for an hour for the dough to double in size in the tin, then place in the oven for 35 minutes or until golden brown on top.
  Step 9
When done take out of the oven let it rest for 5 minutes then tip out of the tin onto a rack to cool to cold.
  Step 10
Make the icing glaze by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl then drizzle over the bread.

Suggestion & Tips

You can eat this bread warm & use the glaze as a dip.
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