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Cuisine: Italian
Food Type: Vegetarian
No of Portions: 4
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Ingredients & Prep

   480 g  plain oo flour
   200 g  semolina fine flour
   440 ml  water warm 40'c
   7 g  yeast dried
   40 ml  olive oil
   20 g  sugar
   1 tsp  salt
  Tomato Sauce
   400 g  tomato passata
   100 g  tomato puree
   2 tbsp  olive oil
   2 tbsp  water
   2 garlic clove finely grated
   1 tsp  sugar
   1 tsp  salt
   400 g  Mozzarella cows grated
   4 Mozzarella buffalo balls cut into 5 mm slices
   10 g  fresh basil torn


  Step 1
Make the starter by placing warm (body temp) water, sugar & yeast into a jug whisk together & set aside for an hour or until it gets frothy.
  Step 2
Place flours & salt in a mixing bowl give the ingredients a good mix with a wooden spoon, then add oil & the starter, mix well with spoon, either put in a food mixer fitted with the dough hook (best) or tip out onto a semolina floured worktop & knead with oiled hands for 15 mins until springy to the touch.
  Step 3
Clean the mixing bowl then oil the inside, place dough back in & cover with cling film with 1 pricked hole, leave to double in size. (You don't have to do this but for best results put the bowl of dough in the fridge, punch back after 2 hours then leave to mature for 24 hours covered.)
  Step 4
Make the tomato sauce by placing oil & garlic into a saucepan then cook out garlic for 1 minute, add passata, puree. Salt, & the sugar, bring to the boil & simmer for 2 mins, it too thick add water, consistency should be like ketchup, set aside & allow to go cold covered.
  Step 5
Pre-heat oven to 220'c.
  Step 6
For best results use 33 cm pizza pans, the ones with holes in the bottom. Cut pizza dough into 300g portions, roll out to fit pans, use a pastry/pizza short roller is best as you can use in the pan.
  Step 7
When rolled out & in the pan spoon on tomato sauce then using the back of the spoon move it in a circular motion up to the edge of the pizza to evenly coat, place 4 basil leave on top (more if you wish) sliced buffalo mozzarella, then sprinkle 125g on cheese on each one, leave pizza for 10 mins to rise a little before baking.
  Step 8
Place pizza in the oven & cook for about 8 to 15 mins, keep looking through he glass & as soon as the base around the edge starts to brown & the cheese melts & bubbles its done.

Suggestion & Tips

From here you can add toppings of choice.
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