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Recipe By Munch Master

Ref: 635
Heading: Bread & Baking
Cuisine: British & Irish
Food Type: Meat
No of Portions: 12
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Ingredients & Prep

   60 g  Icing sugar
   40 g  Butter unsalted soft
   30 g  Self-raising flour
   30 g  Ground almonds
   2 Egg white beaten to meringue
   1/2 tsp  Orange zest, finely grated
   1 pinch  Salt
  Orange Jelly
   120 ml  Water
   100 ml  Freshly squeezed Orange juice
   60 g  Caster sugar
   1 Orange peel
   3 Gelatin leaves
  Chocolate Coating
   120 g  Dark or Milk chocolate


  Step 1
First make the orange jelly by placing orange juice, water, sugar & orange peel in a saucepan bring to a simmer & reduce liquid by half to a thin syrup then take off the heat.
  Step 2
In the meantime place gelatine in cold water to soak for 5 mins to soften, drain off excess water, then add in the jelly syrup & mix until dissolved off the heat.
  Step 3
Line a tray or tin with cling film, pour in jelly syrup. Pour in the syrup to about 3 to 4 mm deep, allow to cool then place in the fridge to set.
  Step 4
Pre-heat oven to 180'C fan.
  Step 5
Next make the cake bases, in a bowl add beat the butter with the icing sugar until fluffy using an electric hand mixer or food mixer, then fold in the flour, salt, orange zest & ground almonds until all combined, lastly & carefully fold in meringue, then using a greased non-stick mini tart/mince pie tin/tray place about a good tbsp of batter in each compartment, then bake for about 10 mins or until light golden brown, remove & allow to go cold.
  Step 6
Place chocolate of choice in a bowl (glass is best) & place over a saucepan of simmering water to gently melt, set aside until it starts to thicken.
  Step 7
Remove cakes from the tin, then cut orange jelly into discs using a 4 cm pastry cutter, place an orange jelly disc on top of each cake, then using either a pastry brush to dob on or use a tsp cover the top with the chocolate, then allow to cool & set.

Suggestion & Tips

Cakes will last for 2 days in an air tight container, best eaten the same day.
The reason this is listed as under meat is the gelatin. For vegetarians change Gelatin to Agar Agar.
See Vegan friendly version.
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