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Heading: Barbecue
Cuisine: British & Irish
Food Type: Vegetarian
No of Portions: 4
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Ingredients & Prep

   1 cauliflower large leaves removed cut into 1.5 cm slices
   120 g  butter unsalted very soft
   1 tsp  cumin seeds roasted & crushed
   1 tsp  garlic clove grated
   1 tsp  freshly ground black pepper
   1/2 tsp  salt
  Herb Dressing
   30 g  fresh basil finely chopped
   30 g  fresh parsley finely chopped
   4 spring onions, trimmed & finely chopped
   1 green chilli finely chopped
   3 tbsp  extra olive oil
   2 tbsp  lemon juice
   1/2 tsp  freshly ground black pepper
   1/4 tsp  salt


  Step 1
Mix herb dressing in a serving bowl with a spoon & set aside.
  Step 2
Place cumin seeds in a hot dry frying pan & toast for 2 mins or until a little smoke comes off, then crush with the back of a spoon, mix coating ingredients in a bowl including the cumin.
  Step 3
Brush cauliflower slices/stakes with the butter mixture on both sides & cook on the barbecue until nut brown, brush with the butter coating a couple of times while cooking.
  Step 4
When cooked place cauliflower stakes on a serving platter & let diners add herb dressing to their plate.

Suggestion & Tips

Nice with a salad of choice & cheese of cause.
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