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Heading: Barbecue
Cuisine: Greek
Food Type: Vegetarian
No of Portions: 4
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Ingredients & Prep

   240 g  chickpeas rinsed & drained weight
   220 g  raw beetroot peeled & grated
   200 g  Halloumi cheese sliced
   50 g  breadcrumbs
   4 brioche burger buns cut in half
   2 tbsp  fresh parsley chopped
   1 egg free range
   2 tsp  onion powder/granules
   1 tsp  cumin ground
   1/2 tsp  chilli powder
   1/2 tsp  salt
   1/2 tsp  freshly ground black pepper
   g  dressed rocket
   to taste  chilli jam from a jar


  Step 1
Place chickpeas in a bowl & mash with a fork or potato masher, then add breadcrumbs, parsley, cumin, chilli & onion powder, egg, salt & pepper, then grate beetroot into the bowl wearing gloves, mix all together well.
  Step 2
Form mixture into 125g (approx.) patties about 2 cm thick then cook until brown & crispy around the edges, cook Halloumi slices until light brown on both sides, toast burger buns.
  Step 3
Build the burgers. Place a dollop of chilli jam on the base, then a burger, another dollop of jam, then a slice of Halloumi followed by 5 g ish of dressed rocket, top on & serve.

Suggestion & Tips

Nice sweet potato fries/wedges & a salad.
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