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Cuisine: Korean
Food Type: Seafood
No of Portions: 16
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Ingredients & Prep

   3 Chinese cabbages (900g each) whole
   220 g  Sea salt course
   1200 ml  Water for brining
   500 g  Radish Mooli/daikon cut into thin matchsticks
   100 g  Korean/Asian or Normal Pear finely chopped
   6 Spring onion sliced fine
  Seasoning Sauce
   1 tbsp  Rice flour
   250 ml  Water
   500 g  Korean Gochugaru chilli paste
   30 g  Shrimp paste
   30 g  Kelp or seaweed powder
   3 tbsp  Thai fish Sauce
   8 Garlic cloves finely grated
   20 g  Fresh Ginger finely grated
   1 tbsp  Roasted sesame oil
   1 tbsp  Roasted sesame seeds


  Step 1
Cut cabbages lengthways, into quarters trim root but don't dislodge leaves form the root, then tease the leave apart.
  Step 2
In a bowl put in half the salt, then brining water & mix until salt has dissolve, dip each cabbage quarter into the brine, jiggle quarters around to get brine into the middle, remove & shake brine back into the bowl, place each brined quarter into a separate clean bowl, repeat until all are done.
  Step 3
Make the seasoning sauce, put water in a sauce pan, whisk in rice flour & heat on a med heat, keep whisking until it comes to the boil, make sure you get into the corners, remove from the heat & whisk in Gochugaru chilli paste, when all mixed in smooth add the rest of the seasoning sauce ingredients mix well & set aside to completely cool.
  Step 4
With the other half of the salt sprinkle evenly between the leaves with all quarters, then pour the brining water over the cabbage quarters & leave for 6 to 8 hours, turn quarters over every hour or so.
  Step 5
The next job is carefully thoroughly rinse each quarter under the tap bending the leaves to remove all the salt water, shake off excess water & place quarters in a clean bowl & add radish, pear & spring onion.
  Step 6
Pour seasoning sauce over the cabbage quarters & pear, radish, spring onion mix, massage sauce in between the leaves to fully coat & tucking the pear, radish & spring onion bits between the leaves.
  Step 7
Place cabbage quarters in to a sealed plastic container, compact the quarters by hand to make as small as you can to remover any trapped air without damaging them, pour over the remaining seasoning sauce over the top.
  Step 8
Fit air tight lid on the container & leave at room temperature for 24 hours, then place container in the fridge.
  Step 9
The Kimchi will be ready in 2 weeks & last for about another 2 weeks after.

Suggestion & Tips

Goes well with all Korean food, you can find all ingredients on-line.
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