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Recipe By Jaxters

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Heading: Puddings
Cuisine: British & Irish
Food Type: Meat
No of Portions: 12
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Ingredients & Prep

   600 ml  Hot Water
   200 g  Fresh Blackberries
   150 g  Fresh Raspberries
   150 g  Fresh Strawberries or cherries
   120 g  Caster sugar
   120 ml  Port ruby
   3 tbsp  Gelatine powder
   2 tbsp  Lemon juice
   275 g  Madeira cake cut into 1.5cm slices
   500 g  Custard made
   500 g  Mascarpone cheese
   200 g  Fresh Raspberries blitzed
   200 g  Fresh Blackberries blitzed
   60 tbsp  Port ruby
   20 g  Icing sugar
   600 ml  Double cream
   100 g  Fresh Raspberries
   100 g  Fresh Strawberries
   100 g  Fresh Redcurrants
   sprinkle  Chocolate shavings
   sprinkle  Icing sugar


  Step 1
Base - In a bowl mix sugar with the gelatine powder, pour in hot water & mix until all dissolved, blitz the blackberries in a food blender or hand/stick blender, then add to the jelly water, then add lemon juice & port, stir together.
  Step 2
In a glass (if you have one) serving bowl add raspberries & strawberries & pour in jelly water in & allow to cool, cover with cling film & place in the fridge to set at least 5 hours.
  Step 3
For the layers - In a bowl whisk custard & mascarpone together, in a food processor or use a hand/stick blender blitz the icing sugar, raspberries, blackberries & port to form a sauce.
  Step 4
When base has set put half of the custard cheese mix on the base, spread out evenly with a silicon spatula, then add blitzed berry sauce & spread out evenly, then add a layer of Madeira cake slices over the top, then the rest of the custard mix over the cake.
  Step 5
The topping - Whip the cream using a food mixer or electric hand mixer to soft peaks, then dollop over the top, sprinkle over fruit & chocolate shaving then dust with icing sugar.

Suggestion & Tips

You can mix & match different fruit types like Blueberries or Cherries etc & alcohol like Kirsch. Gelatine is a meat product, for vegetarians use Agar Agar powder.
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