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On each recipe you can select the number of required portions from 2 to 30, the site will calculate the right amount of quantities you will need.
You can filer food types like Vegan, Vegetarian, Seafood or Meat dishes.
Also, the most popular, by author (display name), most recent or country cuisine like Indian or British etc.
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At the bottom right of each recipe there is a green button, here you can leave a comment about the recipe. These comments will appear at the bottom of the recipe. The author of the recipe will need to approve comments before it is published. The author can also reply to your comments. The latest comments will populate at the top.
Weighing out ingredients
We highly recommend but is not compulsory to convert all ingredients into gram measurements wherever possible, you can do this with 2 sets of accurate electronic kitchen scales, one from 10k to 1g and a fine set of accurate scales to 0.01g, for 1/8 or 1/4 tsp measurements, this helps with consistency, ease and any future modifications.
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